US Expatriate returns from $195 - Pay only after delivery to you, and upon your satisfaction.

US Tax Return Preparation for US expats and foreigners in USA - prepared in the USA only by IRS Enrolled Agent. No outsourcing.


$195 fee for an average (one working spouse with some interest, dividend and capital gain incomes) US expat return to claim the foreign earned income exclusion and/or foreign tax credit.


Most reasonable fees on the internet. Free discussion regarding your tax facts and can provide you with a free tax estimate on a call. File your tax returns to qualify for the Covid-19 stimulus. I have helped many non-files file their catch up with filings. If you are a parent with children who are US citizens/green card holders you may qualify to get a tax refund. Ask me the details. I help you catch up with your tax returns at a much lower fee than other firms. References available upon request.

Trustworthy and pay only upon delivery of the return to you! Not before.

You will speak with a licensed tax professional. I prepare your return, not a staff person. From FBAR's, PFIC, Form 8938, Form 2555, Form 1116 with Treaty Resourcing, I have done these. Streamline process also handled. Sponsor your spouse by catching up with your prior year US tax returns.


With more than 20 years experience we can handle complex expatriate and US domestic returns also, and preparation for all US states. File your prior year returns as well.

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