Why me?

US Tax Return Preparation for US expats and foreigners in USA – prepared in the USA, by an IRS Enrolled Agent. No outsourcing at all. I have prepared US tax returns for over twenty years.

You have the ability to talk to me before, during and after return preparation. My Questionnaire is simple and you do not spend hours doing a Questionnaire/Organizer.

1. My fees are the most reasonable on the internet.

2.Free discussion regarding your tax facts and also tax planning if you need. Discuss if you qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion, foreign tax credit to completely offset your federal tax.

3. Catch up on prior year returns not yet filed. I have helped numerous delinquent non-filers file their multi prior year tax returns to catch up with filings. I help you catch up with your tax returns at a much lower fee than other firms. You need to be upto date with your filings in order to sponsor your spouse for US resident vias. I have done many of these projects over the years.

4. If you are a parent with children who are US citizens/green card holders you may qualify to get a tax refund. Ask me the details.  References available upon request.

5. Covid Stimulus Payments: If you did not get them file your 2018, 2019 and 2020 tax returns to claim these. Even if you had minimal income.

Contact me for your free consultation today. Others will charge you hundreds of dollars for this.


You work with me and not any subordinate or ‘unseen intelligence’.

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