Expat Returns from US$195.......payable upon completion! Not before!

New Client

1st Year Return

  • Form 1040
  • One spouse works as an employee overseas
  • Standard Deduction
  • Schedule A
  • Simple Schedule B
  • Schedule D with up to 5 stock sales
  • Would NOT include Schedules C, D-with more than 5 stock sales, E or other schedules
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Subsequent Year Returns

  • Includes the same forms and schedules as the first year return
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As Applicable

Additional Fees

  • Spouse works: $75
  • Schedule E: $35/rental property
  • Schedule C: $50/entity
  • Each State Return: $50
  • Other Consulting Work/Estimated Calculations: $125/hour
  • E-Filing: free
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Above Fees are based on the following assumptions:

1) Complete information is provided in the organizer

2) No Draft returns are prepared

3) Fees for mailing will be extra.